I am leaving my current job and going back to full time study next year.
You may ask what is my current job.  I can’t tell you because I am still working there and until I leave I can not say on social media (on a post) where I work.
I can tell you in person just not on social media.
Current job
Logistics working night shift.  My body is confused about night and day.
Money is OK but my health is way more important than money.
No the government is not paying for my study (if you are asking) due to the fact I have studied before.
I AM REALLY looking forward to leaving!!! There’s a lot I’d really like to say about the company I work for but that will be in a blog for another day in about a years time (If I still want to vent by then).
During my time there
  • I had to go on high blood pressure pills,
  • My sleep patterns are all over the place,
  • I have requested 2 to 3 times to go onto day shift.  No reply!
 I have two options to try, will keep you posted later on what I will do.
As of right now I have 54 calendar days to go and 28 working days to go.
My course starts 12 February.  I finish up on Sunday 4th February at 6am (or there about)
Currently on one more day shift then the rest of my time is nights 😣😥😢😠